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I didn't know exactly where to put this or if it's cool... so delete if need be.

"Our friend Marco has hit a spot of bad luck, and Andy over at American Icon Screen Printing has stepped up to raise some cash to help with his legal bills. For $15 you can get the killer t-shirt above, shipped to your door as well as the satisfaction of knowing you helped out a brother in need. Not much can be said about the situation Marco is in (for legal reasons), but what I can say is he is an A+, stand up dude who has helped out a lot of people with out asking for anything in return. He hasn’t asked for our help, but he sure as hell deserves it. So here’s how it works -

Send $15 (for each shirt that you would like to purchase) via paypal to: [email protected]
Make sure to include the size shirt(s) you need as well as the shipping address.
Shirts will be printed next week, and will ship as soon as humanly possible.

$10 from every shirt sale goes directly to Marco (the other $5 covers printing, material and shipping costs)

Every little bit helps, and in return you get a sweet shirt. I know times are tough out there, but if you can help out, please do. "

This for an amazing guy who has hit some hard times... Get a cool shirt and help out a fellow scoot rider.
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