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I currently have a 74 CB450 and I'm looking to swap out the disc for a drum. I know the CL450 are swap-able but what other models are also compatible? Should i only be looking for the same late model CL front wheel since the earlier had narrower front ends?

Would all i need is the wheel, new brake cable and brake lever? [im not running a speedo]

I found this thread in my searching, but it was the opposite swap of what im looking for.

This is purely cosmetic, but having similar braking ability would be preferable.
And if anyone out there is wanting to get rid of their front rim/hub/drum, id love to take it off your hands or off your garage floor.



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Ok...Here we go (again)....LOL...
.....ANY CB/CL 450 drum wheel is a bolt-on if you get or make/modify the correct spacers (the speedo drive is a spacer)..... Some years will bolt right in... The CB drum wheels were 18" and the CL were 19", both were 40 spokers.... The CB/CL 350/360 drum wheels have a bit smaller drums, are also either 18" or 19" (depending on the year and model it came from) and are 36 spokers, but again, can be fitted on a 450 axle, (some spacing may be required), in 450 forks (or SOHC 750 forks)....
The CB77 (305) drums are the same diameter as the CL 450 ones, but the shoes are slightly narrower, so there is a minor difference in total braking ability,and the 305 hubs also only take 36 spokes..... For one of my projects, I used a 350 drum hub on a C 200 (90cc) and that topic has some good size comparison pics... The pictured 305 hub, brake plate, shoes, and a NEW set of spokes to lace it to an 18" rim are currently sitting around my shop, and could be had for the right offer......
Pics are here: on page 14...... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=36&st=365&sk=t&sd=a&start=130
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