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I got a cb350 that had enough issues in its wiring, frame, wheels and it's fuel system to merit tearing it down and rebuilding it. I didn't dig into the engine because the compression is close to spec and it seemed to run okay.

Just got the thing all cleaned up and put back together yesterday and I've run into an issue shifting gears. The bike isn't running yet, and as I've been trying to diagnose the issue I will occasionally use the shift lever to make sure it's in neutral before trying to start it again. The strange thing is it sometimes will shift through gears normally and smoothly and other times seems like it is only shifting to first and neutral, and it's isn't smooth it doesn't feel right. Before I took it apart it didn't have any issues shifting. I've adjusted the clutch cable according to the directions in the sticky multiple times, and it still happens. I can't figure out what's going on or why it is only occurring occasionally and sometimes is normal.

I'm wondering if the clutch isn't disengaging fully. If I tightened the clutch cable more (further than 1/8 turn CCW after feeling spring pressure release) could that fix the issue?

I'm planning on getting into it again this weekend and wanted to see if any of the hondatwins gurus could give any advice or ideas that could help me get it sorted out.

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These are constant mesh transmissions, they normally require movement in order to shift correctly. ONCE in a great while you will get lucky and everything will line up and you can shift all the way through.

Put it up on center stand and rock the rear wheel gently back and forth while you try to shift through the gears. If you can get from 1st all the way to 5th and back things should be fine.

Standing dead still you should always be able to get to 1st and 2nd from neutral.
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