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I was going to post a question on this forum, but after taking things apart and poking around, I actually found my own answer, and thought I'd share in case any others ever have the same problem.

My rear brake pedal was not returning back to it's UP position, it was sticking down. I found that if I loosened the 17mm bolt that holds it on, it would return back to position under the power of the return spring just fine, but tightening the bolt had the effect of tightening down the whole lever to the point that it would no longer budge.

I thought to myself that they really should have some sort of bushing on that pedal to allow it to stay free while torqued down - and, of course, the Honda engineers were way ahead of me, there IS a bushing. But 47 years of crud (and sitting) had it all gummed up.

I was able to press the bushing out of the brake arm and clean it up with a wire wheel, emery cloth and fine steel wool and now the bushing is completely free within the brake arm, and once reassembled the lever returns nicely under its return spring (and the brakelight goes out like it should).

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