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STEVE !!!! (or Anybody)

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Question for you, Steve -

I'm suspicious of the funky old coils on this 450 project of mine.
I'm going to order a couple of the XS650 replacements from Mike's XS place.
Also getting new wires and caps - question is, do I need the resistor caps, or the non-resistor caps??
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Resistor caps (or wires) are simply to reduce static discharge in nearby radios.... The stranded copper or steel wires will fire cleaner, and non-resistor caps will promote a hotter spark as well.... (think "hot rod")....
An electronic ignition usually has different component requirements than the stock points set-up, mostly dictated by its internal circuitry..... For instance, you are going to be using 3 ohm coils, whereas the E-ignition I am modifying/trying to modify for the little 90 cc uses a .03 ohm coil....... A factor difference of one hundred!......
I am NOT familiar with the prestolite version, but recommend you follow the manufacturers specs as closely as possible.... I'm sure there are specs available about your system SOMEWHERE online..... Hopefully (Maybe) someone here has experience with them...
GB, That sounds like a reasonable assumption, but I'd give it a week or so, so someone can volunteer any info they have on the subject....Meanwhile, the VJMC and VJMOG may be able to answer this as well.... Seems to me we ran stock coils on the Goldwing units, but they were Dynas..... Steve
I originated the idea and prototype while over on the 450DOHC site..... We did get it working , but some modding is required, and it's not perfect (different advance curve).... If you want specifics, I can provide the links or answers..... Feel free to e-mail me direct at [email protected] .... Steve
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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