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STEVE !!!! (or Anybody)

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Question for you, Steve -

I'm suspicious of the funky old coils on this 450 project of mine.
I'm going to order a couple of the XS650 replacements from Mike's XS place.
Also getting new wires and caps - question is, do I need the resistor caps, or the non-resistor caps??
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Which style of cap should a guy use if going with an old Prestolite Electronic Ignition on a 74 450? I've heard talk of only using resistor caps, but I'm not sure?? I was planning on picking up some Dynatek or Accel 3 ohm coils to match the ignition, but again I'm not entirely sure if it's necessary?? Any other tips or tricks?

Any thoughts guys? I'd appreciate it. ;)

P.S. Sorry to threadjack here Bill...

GB :mrgreen:
They were sold as an aftermarket accessory back in the day. I just happened to find one for the 450, new in it's original box, plus if that fails I've always got the Dyna. The Prestolite is made for the 450 though so it's a "bolt on" when compared to the Dyna. I really did'nt want to modify/retrofit the Dyna unless completely necessary.

The thing is with the Prestolite, it does'nt say anything about coils in the original instruction booklet. I suppose since it's a vintage part, that I'll run it with the stock coils to start with.

GB :mrgreen:
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