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You can check the fuel flow (2) ways.

1 - Fuel to the Carb Inlet.
Remove the Fuel Line from the Carb Inlet and turn the Petcock to ON.
It flows or NOT.
Proves the Petcock functions normally.

2 - Fuel PAST the Float Needle & Seat Shut Off.
Remove the Carb Float Bowl Drain Screws and turn ON the petcock.
Again it flows or NOT.
Proves the Floats are NOT Stuck of clogged.

If both are positive with flow - then you most likely have a clogged Jet in the carb and a Remove Clean and Replace is in order.
You only need to get the O-Ring Kits from a local Honda dealer.
The Brass parts don't go bad unless abused.
The is a great Carb Rebuild Post in the Fuel Section of the 350's.

Unusual that BOTH Carbs would do the same thing at the same time.
Could you have a Clogged VENT in the Gas Cap?
That would create an internal Vacuum and prevent flow.
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