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I have a cm400 that was rewired / “simplified” by P.O.
Problem is that when you have the killswitch in run position... starter button doesn’t work. Works fine when switch is off. Lights don’t turn off when button is depressed.
Unforturneately, entire bike is wired with same black color coordination is out.
Aftermarket hi/low beam switch is wired in as the horn button being used for the starter.
Problem is that I get 12v on the “starter button” contacts, but drops to just under 6 with killswitch in “run” position. Totally baffled here.

Bike was rewired by another member of this forum (I came across the build thread for it)

Is it possible to just redo starter circuit with a separate push button? If so, how is it done? Starter solenoid has 2 smaller (18ga) coming from it. One is yellow/red and the other in green/???
Does one go to the killswitch?
The yellow/red is routed to hot side of solenoid through an in-line fuse.

Link to hi/low switch that was installed by P.O.

Starter kicks on no matter what terminal that I arc out inside the switch (with kill switch in “off” position)

Lights work with switch no matter what. They stay on when I attempt to start the bike.

Please any help will be greatly appreciated. Really pulling out the remaining hair that I have left...

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+1 on the harness but it sounds like you may need a few more components to get it working properly. You could also (or temporarily) build your own from scratch, it already has a quite simple system.

The kill switch has only one function, that being to ground out the ignition in the off position. It needs one terminal connected to the black/white pigtail coming out of the CDI and the other terminal connected to ground. It should not affect the starter or lights. The ignition itself is self contained and should not be connected to any other part of the electrical system.

You can connect a separate start button. The green wire from the solenoid connects to ground. Connect one terminal of the start button to a 12v source (preferably from the key switch but not necessary), connect the other terminal to the yellow/red wire from the solenoid. You won't have the headlight disconnect feature until/unless you install an original harness.

Your lights apparently work on their own system (do they work independently of the key switch?). If the switch has an off position you can just leave them off until the bike is running.
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