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I'm having several problems (clutch slipping, ignition timing) with my recently restored CB450K4 and I thought I'd start this electric starter clutch discussion to help others, in addition to myself.

Many times, people complain their starters will attempt to turn the motor over but then disengages or "slips" as in the case of my starter. I'm reasonably well versed in how the starter clutch works and when I had the engine apart I thought I had fixed the problem. In my case, the outer plate was bent a little and it looked like the rollers that "grab" the crank were binding and not grabbing properly.

I attempted to straighten the outer plate assembly with some success, but I was unable to remove the outer plate from the assembly that houses the springs and roller and, in fact, I don't think it comes apart.

As I pulled the starter apart this time I was looking to replace the lower plate that TBPMusic thoughtfully donated to the cause, thanks Bill. The current plate that I have is not cracked but it is worn a bit.

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about.

Here are the rollers, springs and spring caps. The spring caps are in good shape and the rollers seem in good shape as well. I can not find a spec for the diameter of the rollers but 2 of them measure .4012" and the third measures .4015".

The springs, however, are another story. I can not find a spec for the free length but as you can see in the pictures, there is a significant disparity between the lengths. I think these are still available so I'll have to order some tomorrow.

Hopefully, the replacement of the springs will cure the problem along with the addition of the new lower plate. I'll let you know.
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