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Spray paint question

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Hi gang,

I'm planning on cleaning up some parts on the CB360, wire brush than re-spray (spray bomb) I've had good results in the past with Tremclad, as it goes on thick....I saw someone using Duplicolour engine enamel on a CB450 on the board and the results look great! The pics I saw below...[email protected] ... 120958808/

Is the stuff durable? What about the brake caliper paint, or high temp stuff? I'd like to touch up the pegs and maybe even spray the gas tank (though I am concerned that spilliage at the pump might ruin the job in sharp order) I see how creative you folks are on a budget and the astounding results. I'd like to soak up all the advice you care to dish out.


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Okay, I did some looking around the site....and I think I answered some of my questions..

NE350 said:

Thanks for taking a look at my project. I used "RUST-OLEUM" (gloss protective emanel black) for everything but the motor. You can find it at Lowes, Walmart or other places. For the motor I used DUPLI-COLOR engine enamel, Primed with Grey Engine Primer DE1612, then semi-gloss black DE1635.
Since my project is not complete yet I don't know how durible it actually is but from what I researched I believe it is. As for usage issues, I had none. I just followed the directions on the can and it came out pretty well. If I remember it was about $5 or $6 a can.

Good Luck, Matt
Thanks Matt,

I like the rust paint as well, because it goes on thick and evenly. We have a chain of stores called Canadian Tire, which sell a derivative house brand for a few bucks less. They of course have high gloss, high temp black enamel in the more expensive brand.....but no high gloss high temp in the budget brand. buggers. :!:

Your bike is stunning....I love the CB450's...they remind me a lot of my old Triumph Daytona.
NE350 said:
You mean 350, right! :oops: :lol:
Crap.....yes. Yes I did.

It's things like that that cause me to edit my posts 4 or 5 times ususally before I can leave them alone!
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