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Hey all,

Here's that list I promised. We carry a lot of other items available on our web store, but these are the items we have in stock specifically for the Honda Twins (though many will work on other bikes as well). All of our parts include free shipping in the USA and only $10 to other locations.

12V Single Phase Regulator/Rectifier - $35 - Designed specifically for use on the pre-1978 Honda twin motorcycles. This unit is plug and play for almost all years and models and fits on a few singles as well. We designed this unit specifically for use with modern battery technology, so it is fully compatible with LI-ION and AGM as well as old lead acid variants. With low internal resistance, charging comes on sooner as well. An upgrade in every sense of the word.

12V Three Phase Regulator/Rectifier - $45 - Utilizing the same technology and specifications as our single phase unit, but altered to support three phase permanent magnet alternators like those found on the Honda twins made on or after 1978.

Honda 360 Cam Chain Tensioner and Slipper Set - $75 - This cam chain tensioner set was specifically produced for Sparck Moto and is intended to replace the worn cam chain tensioners (both guide and slipper) in your Honda 360 engine. These tensioner sets were modeled after the post-recall part numbers of 14520369010 and 14611369000 and fits all Honda 360 engines sold between 1974 and 1977.

LED Gauge Lights - $5 - A five pack of 12V LED gauge lights. Suitable for most bikes. White light is brighter than stock, can last up to 20 years, and draws only a single Watt. Base is 9mm in diameter and 14.5mm in total length.

20W LED H4 Headlight Bulb - $45 - A must have upgrade for our old bikes. This LED headlight bulb draws only 20W of power while shining brighter than most 55W Halogen bulbs. It plugs directly into existing H4 connectors. No active fan as a failure point. Good for around 10,000 hours of use. Not for use with headlight buckets requiring a sealed beam light; this is the bulb only.

BA15S LED Replacement Bulbs - $10 - A pack of two "single filament" LED bulbs. Designed for replacing rear turn signals and front turn signals that do not double as running lights. These 12V replacements for your BA15S bulbs will draw less power than your stock turn signal bulbs as well as being brighter. Keep the stock look with modern parts! Sold in pairs, only.

BA15D LED Replacement Bulb - $7.50 - Single "dual filament" LED bulb. Designed to replace brake/tail lights as well as turn signal lights that also function as running lights. The dual filament version of our 12V BA15 LED bulbs. Useful for replacing bulbs on front turn signals that also double as running lights and can also be used for setups that make use of a dual filament bulb for the tail light. Fits most bikes from the 70s, on.

Universal Flasher Relay - $8 - Our two pin flasher relay is truly universal! Suitable for 6V or 12V systems and fully functional with LED or standard incandescent bulbs. Possibly the last flasher relay your bike will ever need. Includes rubber mounting ring that enables a direct swap for most Hondas.

Inline LED Diode Kit - $7 - Pre-wired diode kit to use for preventing cross over at the dashboard turn signal indicator/warning light. This LED diode kit allows you to start swapping over your old incandescent bulbs to newer and more efficient LEDs. This kit is a must-have if you're swapping to LED turn signals and only have one dashboard indicator light. It's also necessary if you're swapping your dashboard light to LED.

LED Diode Kit and Universal Flasher (together) - $13 - Buy our flasher and our diode kit together and save a couple of bucks.
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