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Sourcing hard to find Black Bomber parts

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Ok, so this is what I have to work with, a slightly uncared for ’66.

What I plan to do is a 100% accurate restoration. I understand I will more than likely have to get some of this stuff from ebay, but if it is out there in the deep depths of the internet I hope some one can point me in the right direction.

Some of the things I’m trying unsuccessfully to find…

New seat foam, I have found a couple of places that have the covers but no foam. The original seat pan is under there, I need hinges and a seat lock too.

Shocks. Can I get the covers and put them on some other shocks?

Tank badges, I’d like to get the original ones with the speed letters.

Air filter boxes. The rubber intakes on mine are dry rotted and cracked.

Correct mufflers. I have found some nice looking reproduction mufflers in England. Any thoughts on them? I try to find the link later today.

Handle bars. I have seen a lot of variation looking at old adds but don’t know which ones are the right ones for the ’66.

Many thanks in advance.
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:lol: :lol: Yea, I guess there really is no nice way to tell a guy, "this is gonna hurt".

I posted this cry for help on the SOHC forum and one of the members has offered his help, he told me he spent $20K getting his back to 100% :shock: I literally choked on my corn flakes! And I thought parts for my H2-A were spendy.

I really want to get this 100% because the Black Bomber is too cool for school and mine is really close, minus the most expensive parts.

Oh well, time to bring the pain.
Chris thanks for the reply.

The mufflers from Silvers were the ones I found; I didn’t realize there was a difference on the mounting. Could you post some pictures so I can get a better idea of what I’m looking at?

Ok, about the handle bars. Are the ones in the picture you posted high bars? I’ve seen quite a bit of variation with the bars, I really like the ones in the picture you posted. Is there a specific name for these and or dimensions?

Thanks for the offer on the fork shrouds. I have a NOS set I scored on eBay for cheap.

I can take more pictures this weekend when I get home. Anything in particular I should snap?

Thanks again for the info; I really appreciate the advice/info.
Thanks, email sent!
Ray Thanks for the reply. I have emailed Chris and Gordon. I will gladly take their advice any day of the week, the BB predates me so my knowledge is nil, but I am willing to learn.

I guess I should have mentioned in my first post I am in no rush to get this fully restored ASAP. Right now I have become obsessed with sourcing ALL the correct parts. As I told Chris via email this will have to be a piecemeal operation for me so I am in no big rush to scab this together. Time, patience & persistence...

One good thing, she dose fire up! So I will do, check and fix everything necessary to make her road worthy and keep the fire stoked while I gather up all the necessary parts for her rebirth.

I see a recurring theme...$$$

Parts are out there to be had for a mint, just not in mint condition.

The hunt is half the fun, right ;)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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