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Sourcing hard to find Black Bomber parts

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Ok, so this is what I have to work with, a slightly uncared for ’66.

What I plan to do is a 100% accurate restoration. I understand I will more than likely have to get some of this stuff from ebay, but if it is out there in the deep depths of the internet I hope some one can point me in the right direction.

Some of the things I’m trying unsuccessfully to find…

New seat foam, I have found a couple of places that have the covers but no foam. The original seat pan is under there, I need hinges and a seat lock too.

Shocks. Can I get the covers and put them on some other shocks?

Tank badges, I’d like to get the original ones with the speed letters.

Air filter boxes. The rubber intakes on mine are dry rotted and cracked.

Correct mufflers. I have found some nice looking reproduction mufflers in England. Any thoughts on them? I try to find the link later today.

Handle bars. I have seen a lot of variation looking at old adds but don’t know which ones are the right ones for the ’66.

Many thanks in advance.
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Hi JapJon. What you have is not too bad, but the guys are right, it can be an expensive restoration. You need deep pockets and lots of patience! I know Gordon spent in the region of $20K on his but it is a superb bike. I think his was expensive because he had some parts made? Do as much work as you can yourself. Try and find a cheap? donor bike, use the best bits, sell or trade what you don't need. Watch Ebay for parts, they do come up. Not all NOS parts are good buys especially if they still have to be restored. Get a good parts book or list. Many parts are specific only to the KO BB model but others are wrongly described as black bomber. Try dealers such as Western Hills Honda who quite often come up with the goodies at sensible prices. Dont be frightend of putting a "wrong" part back on until a better or best part turns up. Good chromework is expensive but essential. Pick the brains of fellow restorers, Chris has offered his help, take him up on it. Chris, the back light fitting is all black but it has a silver cover over part of it, from another model. You say you have not seen a high bar in the UK? I have one that I fitted out "US" style.
Good Luck and Regards,
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