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Something is not right.

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OK... while sitting down next to my bike I noticed that my chain was very loose... I had just checked it Friday and it was fine... had hadn't ridden it so I was intriguied. I noted where the air valve was for a point of reference and began spinning the wheel... the chain went from real slack to taunt and back to real slack in one revolution of the rear wheel.

Now the only thing I can think of that could do that is something is bent. I don't want any thing bent. The rear wheel looks to track true, I'll measure the distance from the swing arm pivot to the axel to see if it's twisted... but even that shouldn't cause the chain to do that. Any ideas?

One other thing I've noticed is the drive gear has a lot of play on the shaft, is this normal?

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Eric, Yes, the countershaft sprocket "wobbles" quite a bit...This is normal.... Sounds like your chain has a "tight" area (usually caused by corrosion inside the rollers) Might be time to replace the chain and sprockets ..... Steve
my guess is the rear sprocket is bent.

causing the side to side runout to pull the chain tight and slack.

my front counter shaft sprocket has a lot of play too.
Eric -

Most likely your chain is whacked, possibly the sprockets.

The counter sprocket is intentionally mounted sort of loose (in a sideplay context).

Try this - Tighten the chain to a "normal" tightness.
Then grab the chain at the very back of the rear sprocket and pull out on it. This means at the point where you'll be pulling it in a horizontal direction - straight back.
A good chain will hardly pull away from the sprocket at all - a bad chain will pull away an amount proportional to how screwed up it is.
When a sprocket begins to take on a "saw blade" appearance, it's time to replace. That means the teeth are pointy-looking.

Another way, off-bike, is to grab one end of the chain and try to hold it straight out, AGAINST the "grain", so to speak.
A good chain will droop a bit, a bad chain will droop a lot.....

And, in answer to your question in the other post, a 450 engine is a snap to get in and out, it's just too heavy for me to handle alone, in light of my gimped-out condition. And at least this one is all clean and shiny !!!!

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