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Hey, can anyone shed light on the wear limit of the connecting rod small end for 450's.
Looks to be 17.06mm in the Shop Manual.
Wrist pin diameter is 17.00mm.
I know what it's supposed to feel like; snug fit w/ no friction, very little rocking.
Just how noisy will the small end be if it measures 17.07mm?
What can be gotten away with?
How long will it last?

Situation: Customers engine, seen some time, pistons were replaced in worn standard bore cylinders, rings installed upside down and one oil ring damaged on installation(messed up the land, as well), usual cam/follower wear, head/valves/guides good, side-side rod wear noticeable but not in the danger zone. I'd say time for another crank or have it rebuilt. Trying to facilitate customers budget.


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Over spec equals it's your fault if anything goes wrong after you charge to fix it...As a professional mechanic, YOU are responsible for a "correction" repair for your customer at no charge...
You are a full HUNDRETH over wear limit, Not a Thousandth or two...It will only get worse with wear...
Have him sign work order that specifies he is responsible for using out of spec parts, or don't do it....
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