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SL350 rear wheel spoke measurements

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I am in the process of ordering new spokes and nipples from Buchanan's and was wondering if anyone has the measurements for the spokes on the rear wheels of the 71-72 SL350's. I'm afraid my old spokes were pretty rusty and I tossed them before I realized they would have to be measured for replacements. I am sure my wheel and hub are stock but since they are special order through Buchanan's they want measurements before they will fill the order. Thanks - dave
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I looked at the fiche and only saw the shorter spoke....But the shorter one is 9 gauge. So the longer one is 9 gauge also. I ordered spokes from Buchanan's myself....They were familiar with the wheel I was using (MikeXS) and the spokes are swaged (8 gauge tapered to 9 gauge) they worked perfectly.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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