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SL350 rear wheel spoke measurements

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I am in the process of ordering new spokes and nipples from Buchanan's and was wondering if anyone has the measurements for the spokes on the rear wheels of the 71-72 SL350's. I'm afraid my old spokes were pretty rusty and I tossed them before I realized they would have to be measured for replacements. I am sure my wheel and hub are stock but since they are special order through Buchanan's they want measurements before they will fill the order. Thanks - dave
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Hi gts,

Which one are you husky or starch?

I checked my rear wheel and got 161 mm from bottom of wheel dimple to the inside of the bend. I would add 5mm for the wheel and nipple.

Not very scientific and possibly not accurate. I am surprised Buchannans don't have a record of standard sizes and I can't believe they haven't done an sl350 before. Afaiak all sl350 rears are the same 18" and same hub. The k0 and k1 have 19" front wheels and the k2 has a 21" front wheel.

Someone here may know this you could try a search on the forum I haven't had time.

Or you could just go on eBay and there are heaps available, nos, and all sorts.


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I meant to add that I didn't do the inside sopkes, I don't have any loose spokes and its too hard to measure with an engineers rule, too much stuff in the way.


I called them two different times and both people I spoke with said they did not have the sl350 in their data base. I ended up pulling a wheel off another sl350 I have, pulled a couple of spokes and called them back with the measurements. I too figured that someone with an sl350 would have ordered from them before but they must have had a problem with previous orders not being right and therefore requiring the measurements. Thanks for the effort, it is greatly appreciated.
163.5mm inside
164mm outside

just look up the spokes in the honda parts fiche...lists the length right on the part number
I tried that through Western Hondas site but it only showed the length for the 163.5 spoke, the other one is discontinued with no info listed. They also needed the diameter at the top and bottom of the spoke and rim hole size. Hopefully I will be all set with the info I gave them.
I looked at the fiche and only saw the shorter spoke....But the shorter one is 9 gauge. So the longer one is 9 gauge also. I ordered spokes from Buchanan's myself....They were familiar with the wheel I was using (MikeXS) and the spokes are swaged (8 gauge tapered to 9 gauge) they worked perfectly.
I just sent my 1970 SL350 rear hub to Buchanan's so they could size my spokes properly for my new shouldered aluminum rim. They should have it in their possession by mid week or sooner. You might want to ask them about it.
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