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Sheared Key 1973 CB450

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Yesterday, I pulled a bonehead move with the best of intentions. I wanted to replace the screws which hold in my points from flatheads to allen screws. Unfortunately, the new screws were slightly too long and unbeknown to me, the new screws grabbed onto the points advancer and trouble ensued. The points advancer sheared the key that keeps the point advancer in sync with that cam.

Rut roh.

I was able to take everything apart and get the nub of the key out and replace with a new one but the problem is that there is a little bit of wiggle now. My questions are if this wiggle is going to make it impossible to set my timing correctly and if so, what's the name of that cam specifically in case I have to replace it, I know the correct name.

Thanks in advance!
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That would be the exhaust cam.... However, I have in the past fixed a situation like yours by replacing the solid metric pin with a short SAE roll pin...Between the slight size (diameter) difference and the "spring" in the roll pin, it will stay in position and still fits the slot in the underside of the advance unit......
No... take the pin you have out...Take it to a hardware store...... Ask for a roll pin with a similar diameter...You'll have to cut it short yourself (it's spring hardened steel, so a cut-off wheel in a Dremel is the best tool....) There is a chamfer on the end of the roll pins (a slight taper)...This will make it easy to get it started into the "pocket"... Cut to length, hold with needlenose pliers, and tap it in....

IF (and it's a big IF) I get near the hardware store in the next few days, I'll get the size specs on the roll pin I've used......
It isn't the fact that there is a taper on it that makes this work....It is that it is a spring (tube) that can slightly reduce in size (diameter) when forced into a slightly undersize hole....The spring pressure then retains it.....I have always called them "roll pins", but they are also known as "spring pins".....
Glad it worked for you too.... :D Steve
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