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I am going into the military and am running out of motivation and time to finish this up. It is roughly 90% done , it just needs a few finishing touches.

What Has Been Done:
-Repainted (Black and Gold, including frame)
-Frame Rebuild and was stress tested up to 650lbs of resting weight
-Cafe seat Pan
-New black and gold grips and clutch lever
-New Coil Upgrade
-Brand new cdi unit
-New plugs and wires
-Brand new Gold chain (needs to be broke To get link length correct)
-Jetted to match the increased air flow to pods
-Brand new brakes and whole front brake assembly
-New gloss black headlight
-Gloss Black Cafe handlebars
- New Fully Adjustable Rear Shocks (black and gold)

There is more but I can't remember at this moment.

Things left to be done:
-Needs a new battery
-Needs a seat cushion for cafe seat (bought seat from DCC)
-Needs to have chain out on
-Needs new fork mount bolts

I'm trying to get rid of this fairly quickly as I am leaving soon and can't take it with me :(

I'm wanting to get 1500 out of it as I have 3200 into it but I'm open to offers.

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I'm not seeing how to add pictures but you can text me at 580-402-5519 if interested!
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