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Does anyone make reasonably priced, leather saddlebags that will fit on a 450?
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I paid someone to make a saddlebag for me, custom, for my 450. A bag, not hard side or anything. Cost me about $200 for one side. And frankly, it isnt that hard now that I have seen it done. Make a template of what you want. The leather is around $50 for heavy chap leather. Cut out the leather. Chap leather cuts out with a utility knife or scissor. Punching holes is a bit tricky. You want to make them evenly. You can either get a "fid" - a dohicky that will punch a number of holes at the same time. You stick it in the last two holes and then it pokes two new holes. You just keep doing this as you go around. Or you can be cheap like me and make a template out of scrap leather and then use that to poke your holes. I just used brads and a hammer. A bit tedious. Then you just lace it up. You can nylon straps to attach it and put two straps around to attach it.

If you want to buy one, I like the one from Licks: ... e57b1824a7
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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