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Does anyone make reasonably priced, leather saddlebags that will fit on a 450?
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Chris -

If there are any, I sure haven't seen them.
I know Tandy Leather sells leather saddlebag kits.......
Chris -

That's odd - I just threw away a Tandy catalog that had several sadllebag kits suitable for our bikes.
Just went to their web site and didn't see any !!!

Well, they'll send me another catalog before long, and I'll go through it and look for them.

You could always just get some heavy leather and make them - shouldn't be all that hard, they're pretty simple, Tandy sells all the stuff necessary (I do some leather-working).
No problemo, Chris -

The bags at these links are all pretty affordable - I knew you didn't want to spend $300-$400 or more on the things.
In fact, I'm considering some quick-release bags for Wifey's CB200, since I can't seem to find a luggage rack for it.
Most of them can attach to the bike via a big strap that runs under the seat, which locks of course.
Hey Chris -

I just ordered a pair of bags from the LeatherUp place - $69.
Now Wifey can carry all her crap around with her on her CB200.
I'll shoot you some photos when they get here.....
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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