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1975 Honda CL360
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Hey everyone,

I've finally got my bike all assembled and its running. My problem now is low power. The bike tops out at about 50, and I need to shift way earlier than I needed to before I rebuilt the engine. Also, the bike will backfire every once and a while, which seems to occur more often as I let off the throttle after acceleration.

Upon inspection I noticed I have way less force coming from the exhaust pipe of the left cylinder than the right. The right pipe has a strong exhaust coming out, and I can barley feel a push from the left exhaust. Additionally I had noticed a little bit of exhaust leaking from between the head and the carb boots? I have a float adjustment problem as well, the carbs will often overflow if i run the bike for a bit.

My main question now is whether this problem is due to low compression in the right cylinder, or does it sound more like a carb/fuel problem?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Honda CL360 '75
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