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Im Annierae and I live in Vancouver, Washington.

I have a 1980 Honda CM200T that I got for Christmas.

It was stolen a few years ago so the wiring is rough and its missing some covers but nothing crucial. Presently, it is my only set of wheels so I hope to get him going soon.


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Hi Annie,

What a nice Xmas gift.

Strange you call it a "him"...we usually call them "her" or similar.

You know of, go and have a look.

Bike been in hibernation for some time ?

Resist the temptation of spinning the engine over until you have checked that the valves open and close properly.

Bikes suffer from hibernation with stuff sticking like cables, brakes, carbs, piston rings, clutches, gearboxes and VALVES.

A stuck valve, open usualy, can convert a viable engine to scrap in one stroke, so be warned.

Checking valve operation is easy on your bike, see CMSNL views which will help you. I know you are after a manual which is probably on here.

Take your time, maybe liaise with anoloque Liz, cm400 making a comeback.

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