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Hello all! RWR here. I've just joined up after finding this site while searching for information on a CL72 engine. I've just purchased it and am going to try to restore it.

I'm in the Arizona up in Prescott. I've done a couple or restoration projects in the past; a 1974 Yamaha MX125a IMG_1679[1].JPG and a 1974 Alfa Romeo. IMG-1377.jpg

Those were inefficient projects but have come together and I need something else to do. So I purchased this engine on e-bay. I'm trying to go through the restoration process in a more organized fashion.

It's a 1972 CL72 engine (Serial # CL72E-210815). It was seized up. After a little bit of a challenge, I've managed to un-stick it (what a mess!!) The engine is now completely disassembled and I'm building up a parts list.

What I found when I dissembled it:
* Someone had upgraded it to 305cc cylinder in the past
* The whole Oil Filter assembly is missing
* It seems complete otherwise

So the next steps are to inspect the various parts I have and build out my Parts Needed list. Then I'll start running them all down.

I have a few questions but I'll save those for a post.

Here are a few shots of the engine and my other projects:

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