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Replacing my petcock on my 1973 CB350

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I'm a total beginner to bike repair. Does anyone know or have a video that shows how to replace my old petcock with a new one (which I have purchased)? I'm clueless how to drain the gas, remove the tank (if I need to), and install the new gizmo, but I want to use this as my first foray into leaning how to work on my bike rather than trying to find someone nearby who I need to pay an arm and leg to. Anything that really breaks it down and assumes no prior knowledge would be incredibly helpful.
Much obliged,
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Welcome to the forum! You can drain the tank by closing the petcock - valve arm to stop - removing the fuel line from it and use another length of tubing that will allow you to dump into a fuel can. Open the petcock - valve arm to res - and it will drain the tank and reserve.

The petcock can be removed using an adjustable wrench on the nut - it has a right hand thread.
Thank you. For some reason I thought I had to take off the tank and remove both tubes as well as the tube that crosses over underneath. Much appreciated.
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