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Replacing my petcock on my 1973 CB350

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I'm a total beginner to bike repair. Does anyone know or have a video that shows how to replace my old petcock with a new one (which I have purchased)? I'm clueless how to drain the gas, remove the tank (if I need to), and install the new gizmo, but I want to use this as my first foray into leaning how to work on my bike rather than trying to find someone nearby who I need to pay an arm and leg to. Anything that really breaks it down and assumes no prior knowledge would be incredibly helpful.
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The key is using another length of tubing long enough to empty the fuel directly into a fuel can. Placing fuel cans on anything to raise the can higher is a bad idea. Place your gas can on the ground and use a long enough hose. Make sure your can is large enough to hold the contents of your gas tank, you may need to have a spare can handy.

Don't leave running fuel unattended and don't smoke or grill your burgers anywhere near by.

Remember that you can turn the petcock to off anytime you need to, no need to panic.

I may have recommended bolting on a passenger footpegs as a first exercise with tools and a bike, you're diving right in bravely.

I'd recommend that you find a Factory Service Manual or FSM specific to your bike's model and year, it'll have good procedures and diagrams or photos. Don't settle for a manual from Clymer or Haynes, you need genuine Honda. There may be some on this website, or elsewhere on the Internet to download, or you might find a printed copy on eBay, Amazon or directly from Honda. You can also purchase them directly from Honda's official source, Helm Inc-Your Source for Factory Authorized Service Information pricy but high quality.

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