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replacement exhaust

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I looking to purchase a replacement exhaust for my 1972 CB350. I'm looking for something on the quiet side though. I checked a few out at dennis kirk, j.c.whitney and crc but I don't know which ones are quiet.
Any thoughts and or suggestions??

Thanks, Matt
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I did!! But was looking for a few more ideas/suggestions/in-site on other peoples mufflers.
The pipe size is 1 1/2". I had bought some replacement pipes in the past and until you install them you don't know what they sound like? The ones I got are crazy loud. I wouldn't ride without ear plugs. I guess i am looking for something a little easier on the ears. Bill stated that the Roadhawks from CRC are quieter then the Dunstall Replicas, so they may be my choice.

Thanks, Matt
Bill, How often do you have to repack the baffles. Is it something you have to do once a year of every few years? Does this make sense, the more you pack the baffles to less noise they produce????

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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