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replacement exhaust

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I looking to purchase a replacement exhaust for my 1972 CB350. I'm looking for something on the quiet side though. I checked a few out at dennis kirk, j.c.whitney and crc but I don't know which ones are quiet.
Any thoughts and or suggestions??

Thanks, Matt
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350 pipes are 1-1/2", pretty sure.
NE350 said:
The pipe size is 1 1/2". I had bought some replacement pipes in the past and until you install them you don't know what they sound like? The ones I got are crazy loud. I wouldn't ride without ear plugs. I guess i am looking for something a little easier on the ears. Bill stated that the Roadhawks from CRC are quieter then the Dunstall Replicas, so they may be my choice.

Thanks, Matt
Yeah Matt, I have both types right here, and Wifey's CB200 is louder with the Dunstalls than the 450 is with the RoadHawks.
NE350 said:
Bill, How often do you have to repack the baffles. Is it something you have to do once a year of every few years? Does this make sense, the more you pack the baffles to less noise they produce????


Matt -

No idea, sorry - this is my frist expereince with them.
I don't think you'd want to go overboard, as it would increase the backpressure significantly.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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