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Replacement CB 360 Coils?

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Are there other types of coils that work on the CB 360? I'm thinking that mine are damaged at the join between coil and lead. Looks like the leads have been twisted too far, and the wire inside may be stuffed. Why on earth they made coils that had permanently fixed plug leads is beyond me.

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You can get coils from MikesXS. There was a write-up on here somewhere I thought... Or Dyna coils, but they're pricey...

GB :mrgreen:
So Yamaha XS 650 coils are useable? Thats excellent news as I have an older set in the shed! Soon all my bikes will have shared DNA ;) ...who knows what they get up to when I lock up at night :D .
I'm sure that XS coils would be useable, but I DON'T KNOW for sure. They're japanese so.....?

The coils I was referring to are on MikesXS site as aftermarket "replacement" coils I believe.

GB :mrgreen:
The XS coils worked fine onmy 450, so they'll be fine for a 360.
You'll just have to mod the mounting a bit.
I'm switching to 3 ohm Dynas on my CB350. in the spring They were not easy to install. I had the coil bracket modified with some welding work and managed to squeeze the whole package into the same area under the tank. I didn't want to hang them outside on the frame, it would be to ghetto for my tastes. I looked at the Kawi EX500 coils and I'm convinced they will fit and work on the small Honda twins. Basically, any single lead coil should work. I've seen racers use Accels, Mallorys and Bosches meant for cars.
So is this the appropriate coil??

Ignition Coil
Product Photo
Ignition Coil - Exact replacement original type coil for all 650's with contact
point ignitions. Replaces original coils that are weak from heat and age and
restores spark strength to the ignition system. Hitachi type CM11-50/50B/52A
4 Ohm primary - 2 required per bike. Plug wires not included.
OEM Ref.# 254-82310-60-00
Part #17-6805
$24.00 USD

I got a bunch of parts from Cycle Re-Cycle, but forgot to get coils and plug caps. I believe the one on the right side is bad so I want new ones. Maybe then I will finally start working on this thing instead of it just collecting dust in the corner of the garage.
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here's a link to how I mounted 650 coils for my 450 (couple of small plates) had to drill a couple of hole in them but works well

I put xs650 coils on my 360 cafe on Sunday. I then took it for a 90mi ride. It ran better than ever. Put those coils on that 360 and don't look back. ;)
The XS650 coils are 30kV and about 4 ohms, honda stock coils are 20kV and 3 ohms. From what I've read, the 650 coils will give you higher spark energy (obviously) and the slightly higher resistance will limit the current draw a little bit so it won't be an extra large increase in battery drain.

I bought a pair for my 360.
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