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Removing Valves?

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I'm gearing up for this head teardown and rebuild, and in looking through the shop manual, it appears I'm going to need a valve spring compressor. I've seen a couple of DIY ones used, but I don't have the means. I've also found one on eBay for about $45.

Before I do anything, I wanted to see if you guys had any tips or tricks.


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you can borrow tools from auto zone, pepboys or whatever, but for such a small job just take the head in and they would probably do it for you, (Note) pay attention to which valves, springs and keeper washers (top and bottom) go together and which valve they go to and which directions springs are fitted
mktsc said:
No professional valve job, just taking parts from two separate heads, to make one good one, lol.

if they go together without at least lapping in, go buy a lottery ticket asap
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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