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I'm pretty sure I had posted this here before the big crash..... here it is again in case anyone is interested.

Some of this will probably look familiar to you....

The fender looks decent, the bracket looks okay, the tail light looks good.....

oops... not so fast there!

The reflector is rotten. With our marginal charging system, the lights are dim enough already. This definitely does not help. We have a problem here.

Solutions? NOS or repro taillight? This one looks fine, except for the scuzzy reflector. Did I mention I'm a cheap barsted?

Still with me?

Anyway, I was out at my friendly neighborhood boneyard the other day.... and... there it was.


An '88 Ford Ranger had bit the dust. How much is a busted headlight? Are you kidding? Take it.

Back to the shop with my prize.....

Cut the bulb holder part off the back and grind smooth. trace around the reflector with my trusty Sharpie.

(not shown - scrub the bulb socket out real good)

Cut along the line and grind the edge smooth. Grind some of the rust and loose chrome from the crusty reflector. Apply a generous bead of silicone to it.

Press the 'new' reflector into the silicone and allow to dry.

Voilá! Good as new!

Happy trails.

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<smack forehead> why didn't I think of that!

Seems like every vintage bike I own has that problem, and the best I've ever come up with is cleaning it as best I can and painting it with either 'chrome' or white rattle-can paint. Your idea is MUCH better! :D



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Man, I love great ideas like that. Thanks.
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