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Title says it all... needing a frame, with a good clean title.

Couple years ago I purchased a 86 250 from Craigslist. Guy had bought it from the son of the original owner. Son was power of attorney, had both original owners signitures, as well as POA's signatures, etc. guy I bought it from had never signed his name to the title so it was considered "open". I put my name on it as purchaser, should all be good.

Not according to MO Director of Revenue. They want the copy of the POA paperwork. Called guy I bought it from who remembers them giving him additional paperwork, but cannot find it. Actually end up finding the son/POA, who says his dad had passed away a year or so prior, he doesn't have the paperwork anymore, and doesn't seem to want to help.

Soooooo, I'm stuck with a bike I was hoping to train my daughter on, that I can't title.

Essentially that's all I'm looking for. Somewhere in MO.


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