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Rear shocks

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I want to put new shocks on my CB450. I dont intend on racing so I dont need real high dollar ones I dont think but would like to hear what others have used for daily riders.
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Redwing shocks are readily available on Ebay and from what I understand they're an improvement over stock. Anything would be. Search Ebay with "redwing shock" and click the box to also search the description.

Of course there's always Koni, Mulholland/Boge, Works, and others. $$$$$$$$ :shock:

GB :mrgreen:
Here is one variety of shocks available on Ebay. ... 240%3A1318

By searching "redwing shocks" and clicking on the "search item description" box I found several. I can't vouch for their quality though. At least they'd be new I guess. Be aware that they do offer them in different lengths. 300 and 330mm is what I've seen so far.

On a side note, my old laptop is acting up again. It's taken me about 30 minutes to wait for this thread to appear before I could type a reply, so I may be gone again until I can get this crap figured out! DAMN! :evil: :cry:

GB :mrgreen:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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