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I thought my problem might be a bad condenser so I ordered up a new one and am waiting. (about 2 weeks to Canada).

In the meantime, I'm still tinkering and searching, and I found this thread...

I find the post on page 3 by phil71 super interesting.

I have a 72 cb350 with vm30's. I was having some puffing and hesitation on the right side, which I thought might be a lean condition, but ended up staying even when tuned extremely rich. And it was progressively getting worse, first starting with 10 minute rides, then ultimately showing up at idle right after startup. The left side was strong and regular.

So, I switched to checking electrical. New points, cut back wire, checked plug boots, swapped plug boots, swapped coils. Nothing changed. I swapped in an old condenser, suddenly it's firing strong on the right side and weak on the left. This is when I ordered a new condenser.

For giggles while waiting for my new condenser, I swapped back in the original condenser. The right stayed strong! Then I tried swapping blue and yellow wires and the right still stayed strong. Swapped coils, right is still strong.

So now I know that both cylinders CAN fire strong. And getting back to phil71's post, it seems like the path of least resistance switched somewhere in my monkeying. But my question is, how do you fix it? How do I get both sides to fire well?

My bike is an awful lot like DereksMC's from the linked post. Good battery showing 12.75 after tinkering and setting points. Helicoil on what is currently the bad side, (but was the good side a week ago.)

Any ideas? I should probably just wait until the new condenser comes in, but two weeks feels like a long time to wait for an answer that might not be right.

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