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Greetings, my name is Beaux and I am a Georgia native who was made the proud owner of a 1971 Honda CB350 K3 project bike about two years ago. I've been tinkering with it almost every weekend ever since and am happy to say that I am in the final stages of tuning up and bringing this old barn find of a bike to life. I've done my research and according to the spedo (which is apparently accurate) the bike has a grand total of about 12,000 original miles on it.

2017-04-18 00.22.39.jpg

2017-02-27 01.41.36.jpg

I'm fixing it up to be a Cafe Racer, so I have a frame hoop and I am in the process of making all of the necessary conversions to achieve the style and aesthetic of the old race bikes. However, I am keeping a good bit of the original parts and factory setup as well spare a few quality of life improvements in the name of safety, reliability, and comfort. For example, I've retrofitted a motogadget m-Unit into the wiring for the bike because the old wiring harness was absolutely scuffed thanks to a few dozen hungry field mice who made a meal and a half out of the copper wires.

2018-07-22 23.11.32.jpg

2018-07-22 23.11.41.jpg

2018-07-22 23.12.24.jpg

The current state of the bike is this: After dialing in all of the timing for the camshaft and setting my points for the ignition, I need to mount the engine back into the frame and torque everything back down. From there, I reinstall the carbs, sync them both, and then button up the rest of my wiring harness before testing and adjusting all of my switches and components.

I completely tore down and rebuilt the engine from the ground up. Split the lower case halves and had them machined and cleaned.

2018-12-19 14.07.52.jpg

2018-12-19 14.58.54.jpg

Wire brushed off all the gunk and old, baked on seals. Honed both cylinders and installed new piston rings. Swapped out the cam tensioner pulleys both upper and lower with some high performance CNC aluminum alloy ones while I had everything apart.

2018-11-06 03.59.21.jpg

2018-12-01 23.43.17.jpg

2018-12-01 03.25.02.jpg

2018-12-08 03.31.46.jpg

Got all the gearing and oil seals replaced, got the bottom end situated and sealed the case halves and worked my way up from there through the top end. Put new friction disks in the clutch basket and retrofitted the assembly with a set of tighter springs to get a better grip through the gears. I also swapped out the old kick-start mechanism because it was a bit stripped from years of abuse.

2018-12-29 23.21.46.jpg

2019-01-01 04.05.25.jpg

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Hi...I'm Rob, and I'm a alcohol.....
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Nice ride.. September is gonna be here before you know it. Get it together and down here in Savannah for "The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride"...
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