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Project Table

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I build this table to work on my next project.

figured i would share a photo...

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I like it! Good job. I have a table lift i got cheap from a Harbor Freight type of cheap tool place a few years back. It's serviceable, but i like the space you have below.
Very cool, once I can build a bigger garage I will def be stealing that design.
it's a pretty cheap project. I bought 10 2x4's and it was like 20 bucks. a sheet of ply wood, and some casters and you're done. My table is 7' x 3' x 4' tall. i borrowed the casters form work. The only addition i've made, is a front wheel chuck since this photo. helps hold the bike upright and in the middle.
Meaning you have all intentions of giving them back? :)

- Woody

JeyLux said:
I borrowed the casters form work.
sure, when i'm done.

which might be a while.

we've got boxes of them. None locking though, that would have been nice. :(
Ahhhh - I'm tellin' !!! :eek: :shock: :? :cool:
it was pretty obvious when i walked out with a box of casters :)

i mean, they're hard to conceal in your jacket. The shop manager told me where to find 'em even!

man that is awesome! love the storage under it
Since you don't have locking castors you could do what we did at work. Take a flat piece of 1/4" steel (say around 6"X6") and cut the square piece into a "C" shape. Where the inner part of the "C" is only as wide as the bottom of the castor wheel. They work great, and the tighter they fit the wheel the better they stay stationary. You only need two for it to stay put. I know this is clear as mud....

Something like this, only sized down and flat.

Nice work table!

GB :mrgreen:
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