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Project: CB160 New odds and ends...

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I've owned many bikes in my 30 some years, but this is my first complete restoration. Its a 1966 CB160 with 7400 miles.

A guy I work with had it sitting in his barn for the last 27 years. I was telling him how I was looking for a project and he said he had just the bike for me! He was only the second owner, and had the bike since '69. The original owner painted it, had ape hanger bars on it and had mutilated the oringinal seat for a "custom" look, hence the non-original parts.

Apparently the starter went out (what exactly happened i don't know, as the chain and sprocket are both m.i.a.) followed by the kicker shaft stripping out. He lost interest and bought a bigger bike, and the lil Honda found a new home in the barn with his sheep.

When I came to the rescue the bike was under a pile of boxes and tools and various farm implement parts, and of course, 27 years worth of barn dust! You can see where I had to scratch through the dirt to see the odometer. It was 99% complete, and he claimed it ran great when he parked it, so two $100 bills later we were throwing it in the back of my pick-up.
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Re: Project CB160

If thats your first attempt at throwin glass, I cant wait to what you come up with in the future :shock:

Excellent work.
Re: Project CB160

Well if ya beer gut and jerky tits are over the tank I guess the rear placements are canceled out :lol: Yes, I got beer gut AND jerky tits :lol:
Re: Project CB160

I like the starter plug also...may end up pinching your idea ;) With feet like mine who needs the electric start anyway :lol:
Re: Project CB160

Thats an incredible amount of attention to detail you've put into her, you must be very proud.
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