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Project 5.

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Well I've done it again can't seem to stop buying these things.Looks like somebodys done quite a bit to this one which may save me some time, but watch this space will be restored as good as my red over the next months.At least I will now have all the necessary bits to make at least one good one out of two.Regards to all.Chris in the UK.
P.S. Trying to get a breeding pair.


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How about a bit of a competition just to list everything wrong with it just in case I miss anything.It will then be here for future restorers to look at.Only one item at a time let everybody have a go>
I'll start it off:-
Broken brake lever.
Very compressed forks!??!

P.S. That bike still has the factory gloss on the frame man! And you think it needs restored... :roll: Nice addition to your stable though..

GB :mrgreen:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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