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Problems dialing in my cb160...

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Got my bike together. Cleaned & set the points. Set the timing. Carbs are sparkly clean with new kit in each, they seem to be synched right on. Throttle cables are nice and free. Got spark to both plugs (although it seems kinda white, sparkly. Does that make sense??). Plugs are Ngk D8HA (new set of what was in it when I got the bike).

Bike is running rich--symptoms... Starts up great cold with no choke, smells very rich (no smoke, though) plugs are sooty black. Right side plug was also wet. I understand these bikes are very sensitive to float height, so i've been playing around with that. I got the right side to fire better, not as wet.

I'm having a hard time getting bike to idle, can't really get idle speed to respond to mix screws (they're 2+ turns out) and the idle speed screws are turned way in. It will hold an idle for 20 sec. or so and dies out.

At about half throttle it really starts sputtering. I can take it up the road, but no power beyond half throttle (guessing about 3-4000 rpm).

I'm no mechanic, but i've done my time working on old snowmobiles. Not alot of experience with 4-stroke twins. Any help would be appreciated!
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Did you ever check the compression ??
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