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prestine '73 cb350 twin front fender

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The bike I just got for my wife has a front fender but it's pretty bent.
If any body has a minty fresh one or knows where one is I'd greatly appreciate it.
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66Sprint said:
The front fender for the earlier CB (drum brake model) may be hard to find in "nice" shape...Unless you can source a NOS one......The bracketry is different on the Disc type CB350's and the later CB 350/f and 360's...You might be able to remove the rivets and mount up a later style one though....
I might check to see if the one from my cb400four is the same except the fork brace section. They look very similar.

If they are the same except the fork mount there is some NOS ones on ebay.
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MNellis said:
Will the front fender of a '68-69 CL350 work? I know it doesn't use the support braces on the front and rear but if the bolt patterns are the same at the fork it might work. I've got one that's undented and in good condition I will sell. It has been cleaned but has the typical tiny pits.

I can provide pictures if you're interested.

I do like the fenders that don't have the support braces so get me a pic if you can.
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