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Hello folks

I'm wondering whether one/some of you know whether there are any significant differences in the frame dimensions between the CA7- range and the CA9- range of bikes - and/or others in the early/mid-60's Dream range.

There are two reasons I'm asking:

- I want a single seat for my CA77 (thanks to 66Sprint for previous comments on this subject) and have seen several sellers offering remanufactured solos for the CA95 (this is just one example). I guess the front mount might need adapting for the CA, but would there be any other reason that those seats wouldn't switch between frames

- the front mudguard on my CA looks like it's been cut down at the back end - it stops above where the flare should begin. On closer inspection, I don't think it has been cut - the edges look factory folded - but I'd much prefer a flared back end(!?!). The CA's not a common bike where I live, so it could be a while before a decent quality CA 'guard (i.e. not battered/cut) turns up. So what I guess I'm asking is are the 'guards interchangeable and if so, between what models? I need to build an advanced eBay search, so the more info the better . . .

On the subject of pressed steel frames, this video came up in my YouTube feed, and it would seem that there were a lot of very similar design pressed steel frames being manufacutered in Japan in the late fifties.:

I must confess to not knowing much about the history of the Dreams or manufacture in general in Japan during that era, but it looks suspiciously like many companies were using the same supplier/s for frames. I'm already fascinated by the contrast in economies employed by Honda across its CA and CB range - the CA's look like they were designed down to a price that would appeal to a non-motorcycling mass market; the CB's were built using substantially better quality components and I assume were aimed at drawing motorcyclists away from the British bikes of the time - and I'd like to know more. If you've got any leads on that sort of information, I'd be very interested to hear them.

Thanks in advance.

BTW - I'm posting this on Honda305 as well, just in case. Apologies if you see it twice.
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