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Alright brains trust, I need some experienced help
Had some problems with the bike, thought it could be rust from the tank getting into the carbs (witch I just rebuilt)

Did a 2nd vinegar soak, gave it a better wash out then last time and then coated the inside with wd40 and metho.

Started with choke on, warmed up for 5minutes, shut Choke off, then and she was all good (idle at 1500-2000rpm)...for about ten minutes of riding

The symptoms;
uncontrollable Reving (up to 5000rpm in idle)
Sluggish when I twist the trottle (revs drop to 1500-2000)
Cutting out
Returning to normal after 5 minutes of riding around the block then the problem coming back

I’m thinking I’m going to have to pull the carbs again but I would like to know if there’s any other thoughts on this. Thanks guys!

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