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points power problem

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I am having a problem with the ignition section of the wiring. Bike is an SL350 k-2, new points, condensor, and coils. When testing for power in the order of connecting the wiring power to coil is good, connections to coil/condensor is good, but when connecting the two point wires one side maintains power but the other shows no power. The connector has power until the points wire is connected and then shows no power. Thanks - dave
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What method are you using to check for power?
Are you getting spark?
Might want to bust out the multimeter and check resistance on your points. If it tests good, then maybe it's the connector terminal? Or you plugged something into the ground instead of power?

Edit: you can try to swap wires and see if the problem stays or swaps
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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