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Just something purty to look at from the Manual -

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MNellis said:
Yup, that sure is purty. I really like the idea of a T-shirt. Getting a nice clean scan in order to silk screen it mightg be tough though.
I do have a hi-res scan of those, way too large to post here, very nice.
The ones I posted here are dithered down to make a much smaller file for posting.
I missed out on the t-shirts from the other site (broke, as usual).
MNellis said:
66Sprint said:
Too late... Our MSN 450DOHC group already did t-shirts with the cut-away on it (the 4-speed no less)

....I'm surprised Bill2 doesn't already have one, I have three...Steve
Are there any of those shirts still available?
No - they were talking about having another run of them made over there, but there's no certainty that group will even be continuing.
MSN is supposed to bail out of all newsgroups/forums this month, and I've heard no concrete plans for moving it anywhere, at this point.
danWI said:
Regarding shirts, the run was a short run and there has not been enuff interest to do a second run. Maybe its time to discuss again. I'll bring it up at our next meeting.

Bill, there has been an unexpected hangup with a new DOHC site. email jordan direct for info <[email protected]>
Dan Bauer -

I've emailed Jordan a number of times (at his Yahoo address) about different things - he never answers them.....
Here are the hi-res scans - as you can see they're VERY nice, and print beautifully too.

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1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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