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Hi everybody,
I'm still helping Peters widow with all the old shop spares -been doing it 8 years now!!! If you see anything of interest in these pics please email me:- [email protected] with any offer price you have.If accepted I will put it on eBay with a buy it now price and let you have the listing number.I am in the UK & only use eBay Global shipping program and take payment by PayPal.This way Ann is covered against any loss and it saves me hours just working out what postage costs are to different countries -sometimes before I used the program it could to be even 6 or seven times on just 1 item.There was a lot of rare stuff and probably still is.
P.S. If you want me to zoom in anywhere and take another pic give me a clue of which pic and which area and I will oblige. Regards Chris.
DSC07827.jpg DSC07828.jpg DSC07826.jpg DSC07829.jpg


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