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Petcock for CB350F Tank?

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I just bought a CB350F for my 350 Twin rebuild, and it doesn't come with the petcock. Are there any other models with a petcock that will fit? The original one from my Twin, perhaps? New ones for the Twins are still available through CMSNL but the ones for the Fours are not. Ebay couldn't help me either.
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I believe the "twin" one will fit....I have a 350/4 tank hanging in the rafters I'll check when I get a chance.....Your problem may not be getting a petcock, but where on the tank it is placed (clearance issues are possible)..... Steve
Nope...They (like the other Honda fasteners) are probably metric... NPT is a US standard, and utilizes tapered threads...The Honda ones are some type of machine (straight) thread and use the left-hand thread of the cock to compress a seal into/against/between the right-hand thread of the bung.....
Ziggy...The 350/4 tank I have takes a "flat bottomed two screw mount" petcock...The 350 twin one is attached by a large threaded "Nut".... So, NO, they won't interchange....
Haven't actually tried it, but a 175 petcock looks like it COULD/might work.......
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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