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Petcock for CB350F Tank?

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I just bought a CB350F for my 350 Twin rebuild, and it doesn't come with the petcock. Are there any other models with a petcock that will fit? The original one from my Twin, perhaps? New ones for the Twins are still available through CMSNL but the ones for the Fours are not. Ebay couldn't help me either.
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That would be a HUGE help, Steve! I've been looking on the Pingel and Z1 Enterprises sites, and though Z1 has this nice, simplified chrome one for $13, it might be hard to figure out which one I'd need if I don't have one on hand to measure. And Pingel's are about $100, and that's just not going to happen. Worst case scenario, I get one of those beer can hats, and just rig the straw up to the fuel line, that way I have one regular tank and a reserve tank as well! I'm planning on selling the original tank from the Twin on Ebay, and it's full of gas at the moment, so now would not be a good time to try its petcock on the new tank, and if I can avoid taking that one off, I will.
I do have a tank for CB500 Four, which I think I originally bought to try to put on the 350 Twin when I got it...over the last eight years I had forgotten all about it, and then this past weekend, found it in great condition in the attic of my dad's garage. This tank is way too long for the 350, without serious seat modification, but comparing pictures of the 350 Four tank I bought on Ebay (still tied up at customs now for a week) and other CB500 Four tanks on Ebay, the mounting holes for the petcock look nearly identical, from a distance, anyway.

The tank I bought, from a '74 CB350F

A random CB500F tank on Ebay

Anyone have experience with these? I'm still sitting around waiting for the new tank to arrive, but it would absolutely kick ass if I already have a rather clean petcock that will work on it.

Also, anyone interested in a CB500F tank, very clean, locking cap, one dent (looks like the back of the right turn signal got to it)? I'll have pictures in a few days. I'll also be selling the '68 or '69 CL350 Scrambler exhaust that my friend put on it before he sold it back to me. Just a heads up.
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After scouring BikeBandit for a while, I see that the 350F and 500F, though the petcock body part numbers are different, most of the other parts of it are the same. The only difference in the body is the 350F's hoses come out to the side, and the 500F's hoses come straight down. I took the petcock of the 500F tank, and noticed that someone has somehow cut, ground, or broken off the 10 or 12mm hex head from the bottom of the cup, and put some weird sealer on it. No worries, since they're $8 from BikeBandit. They also have the 175's petcock assembly for $40, which might be better suited, since it's for a twin, which is what I'm putting it on. I'll try the cheaper route first though.

Anyone know where I can find specs on Honda tank sizes and reserve amounts?
I've been working on the bike at a friend's garage, which is about an hour away, so at some point this week or next weekend I'll be down there to get some things done and clean up the tank and the CL350 exhaust I'll also be selling. Obviously it won't have a petcock, but it does have a nice locking gas cap, and the paint and emblems are in decent shape. Just the one dent, the typical one shaped like the back of the turn signal, just like my original CB350 tank and my CL175's tank (only one of those was my doing). I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance to take some.
Both are sold! I guess not everyone's feeling the economic pinch!

I will be selling the original light ruby red tank from my '71 CB350 in a few weeks, decent paint, good emblems, one dent (back of the turn signal, as always); I'll give you guys a heads up when it's ready.
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