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I purchased a CL200 barn find over the summer with the intentions of restoring it. I have too many projects and it's time to part with this one.

I bought the bike in Vermont where it sat in a barn since 1978. Part of the barn collapsed and damaged a few of the parts on the bike. This bike and most of it's parts are in AMAZING condition. Some parts have are beat up pretty badly and are unusable. Some of the other parts are in near perfect condition. This is an extremely low mileage bike though I don't know exactly how low because the odometer was destroyed. I tried to take the odometer apart to try to figure out if I could forensically determine the actual mileage. No joy, just a bunch of scrambled up numbers. Just to give you an idea, it has the original tires that came with the bike when new. They are still in great shape but are starting to show the slightest amount of dry rot between the treads. I opened up the front brake drum and it looks to be almost unused. No brake dust to speak of and the grease looks brand new.

I have started to list some of the parts on ebay and will probably sell most of them there. You can send me an email if you like to [email protected]. My ebay user name is rat-rides.



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