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Part Needed

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OK, so I'm trying to finish up a friend's 450 engine.
I'm missing one of the o-rings involved with the oil filter cover (in the right side engine case, or clutch cover).
There are two o-rings involved, one slightly larger than the other. They were not included in the gasket kit he got.
I need the larger of the two, 15489-283-010, a 63x2 o-ring.
NLA from Honda, and I don't feel like paying $10 plus overseas shipping for this 39-cent o-ring.

Search as I might, I can't find this part anywhere in my shop.
Anyone out there with some help??
I'd settle for a used one even - it's better than nothing.
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Bill, I'll send the used ones from this engine with the trans stuff...should be able to get it shipped soon.... Steve
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