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I just signed up here and went to post a want ad, but discovered I needed to contribute to the forum first. I'm not sure what I could possibly offer that you guys don't already know, but I'll show you something I just discovered.

So in the process of restoring my newly acquired '78 CB400 to nice running condition, I wanted to replace most of the screws in the carbs and related assembly, since they've been mutilated by previous owners. I noticed that most of the screws have captive lock washers, but when searching parts diagrams I noticed the screws and lock washers had different part numbers. For example:

5x12 Pan Screw

5mm Spring Washer

4 of each of those would be needed for the upper brace on the filter side of the carbs.

OK, so then I happened to discover that if I looked at a diagram for a '78 Hondamatic, there is only 1 part number for the screw and it's called a "Screw Washer". For example:

5x12 Screw Washer

I much prefer the captive type, and was happy to discover this.

Did you guys already know that? :unsure:
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